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Stamp Duty Frequently Ask Questions

If you haven’t used a finance broker before, you probably have some questions. Let’s help you get some answers.

Can stamp duty be added to a mortgage?

Because stamp duty is generally considered an upfront cost, it cannot be added to your mortgage. There are some stamp duty concessions and exemptions, but this will depend on your individual circumstances and the stamp duty laws of your state or territory.

Why is stamp duty so high?

As stamp duty is used to generate vital revenue for the government in each state and territory, stamp duty can be high. However, generally, the more a property costs to purchase, the higher the stamp duty will be.

Which state has the most expensive stamp duty in Australia?

As stamp duty is a fluctuating cost that varies between each state and territory, no state holds the title of most expensive. Instead, it’s important to assess each state individually in relation to the type of property you wish to purchase (such as owner-occupied, investment property etc.)

At Oceania Finance, our mortgage brokers are experts at calculating stamp duty for any property type and state. Contact us today for more information.

Is stamp duty tax deductible?

As stamp duty is considered a capital cost, it is not tax deductible. A capital cost is a once-off expense incurred in the purchase of land or property.