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Our team

Brent McIntyre


Brent began his 20-year finance journey in a large New Zealand finance company. He has gained expertise across a wide variety of finance fields, including being at the forefront of business development for Suncorp Insurance and his role as Operations Manager at Cash Converters. He currently operates his own Finance Brokerage, leading Oceania Finance in its award-winning, customer-first initiatives.

Donie McMahon

Senior Broker

Hailing from Ireland originally, Donie has been in and around the financial industry in Australia and New Zealand for decades. His multi-industry career has given him a special insight into the wants and needs of both consumers and businesses. Donie operated his own brokerage firm, working for top financial operations in both countries, and running his own companies in the hospitality sector. He plans to continue driving Oceania Finance to be a market leader both in Australia and abroad.

Paul Kalligas

National Business Development Manager

Paul has spent 11 years honing his expertise in the finance and motor industry. His specialised knowledge of the brokerage industry has made him an expert at negotiation to get the best rates for his clients. Among his achievements are a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and his appointment
as a Connective Lender Services Credit Representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t used a finance broker before, you probably have some questions. Let’s help you get some answers.

Does Oceania Finance have a finance broker near me?

Oceania Finance is a team of Australian loan experts, so chances are we have a broker near you. Hit the ‘enquire now’ button to speak to one of our specialists today.

What is a finance broker?

A finance broker is someone who finds and secures a loan on your behalf. Instead of enquiring with possible lenders one after another on your own, a broker can identify multiple suitable loan options from within their network of lenders all at once—saving you time, stress and money by negotiating better rates and fees for you.

I’ve been rejected by the bank – can you help me?

Absolutely! We have a large network of specialist lenders nationwide, which means the chances of us being able to secure a suitable loan for you, even if you’ve been rejected by your bank, are very high. We pride ourselves on being able to help Aussies with any credit rating – great, good, average or bad.