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Investment Property Frequently Ask Questions

If you haven’t used a finance broker before, you probably have some questions. Let’s help you get some answers.

Is an investment property a current asset?

Generally, investment properties are not classed as a current asset and are instead classed as a long-term asset. Non-current assets are assets that are not expected to be converted into cash or used up within one year from the reporting date.

However, the classification of assets can also depend on the specific accounting standards and the nature of the investment property. So it’s important to confirm asset classification with your accountant or financial advisor.

Do you pay LMI on investment property?

Yes, LMI can apply to investment property loans if the borrower’s deposit is less than the minimum amount set by the lender. Lenders typically view investment property loans as higher risk, and if the deposit is below the specified percentage (often 20%), they might require LMI.

Are investment property renovations tax deductible?

Generally, you can only claim some renovation expenses when the property is rented or available for rent, and not during the construction phase. However, it’s important to confirm any eligible deductions with your accountant or with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).